48, 849 Words

Hey y'all!

Everyone is sick right now, or getting over something, right? Same here. Catch me covered in Kleenex with oil of oregano, Advil, eucalyptus aromatherapy and David's Organic Cold 911 tea!

So, earlier this month I set out to do NaNoWriMo for the first time ever. Turns out... it was a great experience. I didn't finish my novel, but I think I only want to add 3-5 more chapters to wrap it up.

Something my teacher said to me a couple nights ago was "trust your voice," and NaNoWriMo's concept of not editing, just writing, is a way to write in which trusting your voice is the only way to go.

Writing a novel for the first time has been very rewarding. I'm stacked with ideas these days. New short stories, new essays, ongoing projects and yet another new project that I'm super excited about. Will check in again soon - hopefully with an essay!