My First Poetry Magazine Submission & My First Shared Poem!

I just submitted two poems for consideration in a poetry magazine for the first time in my life. I have this wild rush of anxiety and pride as I type at my desk, heart racing to the beat of the 80s song on my bluetooth speaker. 

The amount of places to submit poetry, short stories, essays and anything else I may dabble in is overwhelming. What's the publication rate? Is there a submission fee? Will I get paid? Which ones are worth it? I went on a whim and submitted to a reputable no-fee one that pays. I'll probably pay to enter some contests, eventually. Pursuing this hobby is costly, but at least I got 10% off my Squarespace site because I listen to podcasts!

One of the poems I submitted is from 2004, 13 damn years ago, but possibly my favorite I've ever written. It has a Bruce Springsteen reference. The other one, I wrote for my creative writing intro class back in March. It's about Bipolar Disorder. I'm v. on-brand!

To celebrate, I thought I'd share another poem I wrote for class back in March. Writing poetry over the years, I was never really committed to traditional styles, or any style at all, mostly just free-verse. When I learned about sestinas from my teacher, Terri Goveia, I wanted to challenge myself and try to do one.

I knew immediately I wanted to do something Friday Night Lights-related (my favorite TV show of all-time, don't worry I'll definitely mention it again numerous times). At first, I tried doing one ending in the most obviously-iconic six words of the series; "Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can't Lose." I couldn't make it work, so I lifted some key words from Tim Riggins' Texas Forever speech in the pilot episode. God, Football, Good Friends, Texas Forever.

So here's my first poem I'm sharing, a first-person account through the eyes of Jason Street throughout the first ten or so episodes of the show!

It's called "The Fallen Small Town Football God (The Ballad of Jason Street)" and I hope you like it!