Talk About the Fashion

Hey y’all!

Some good news around here. Last week I celebrated the one-year anniversary of my podcast, Pop& Down! I don’t have much to say about this milestone other than the fact that I’m extremely proud of myself and that I can’t think my friends and listeners and guests enough for supporting me, and that I’m really excited about my upcoming episodes and guests!


Another piece of good news — I have a new published piece available now! My personal essay, Faster Than Time, is available now to read in Ephemera Magazine’s 6th issue on Fashion. Yup, I wrote about fashion—and, of course, interjected my own thoughts and observations on aging, health, mental health and pop culture. Really proud of this piece and I encourage you to check the whole issue out - tons of great writing, art and photography in it.

Other than these good things, I’ve found myself going through a depressive episode for more than a week now. I’m honoring it, and I’m trying my best to work through it. It’s been tough to meet some of my self-imposed writing deadlines, so I’ve mostly focused on crafting and my @fridaynightlightspoems project.

Sometimes opening my little laptop can feel like a huge struggle. A lot of my depression manifests itself in numbness and emptiness. When I’m in this state, it’s very tough to feel inspired. I literally walked in the rain last week to go see the new Elton John musical/biopic, Rocketman because I just wanted to feel something. And I’m really glad I did. It was exactly the cry I needed.

It’s been a challenge articulating the rest of the ways my current depressive state has affected me. But what I will say is that I’m still able to experience blips of joy within them. My recent accomplishments in podcasting and publication are tangible examples of why everything isn’t so blue, and I’ll take ‘em!