Writing happens when I don't know it does

Hey y'all,

Just a little Friday night blog while I nurse a Pamplemousse and stream some Hayley Kiyoko!

For the last half of 2017, I had a complete burst of creativity and a passion for writing I'd never thought I'd have in me again. Hell, I was writing at least 1,000 words or more every day in November!

I wrote down my goals for the year in early January, as one does. I've accomplished some - putting together the Tens of People zine, completing my Short Story II class, and I've learned to cook and bake quite a few new dishes! And some are works in progresses, still. One of the goals was to at least write something every day. That didn't happen.

And I was cool with it. I have less poems and short stories than I thought I would four months into 2018. But after watching a delightful domestic thriller/action movie from the early aughts starring one Jennifer Lopez, I realized I have been writing without knowing it. 

I joined Letterboxd in late 2017. A lot of my online friends with like-minded tastes and pop culture savviness were into it, so I signed up for an account. It's a much more reliable system of knowing what movies I'll probably like than, say, The Tomatometer which has too many problems to get into. I thought it would be fun to document every movie I've seen in 2018 there.

I watch a lot of movies, and my taste ranges from classics to camp classics, teen romances to foreign arthouses, dark comedies to social sci-fis, and, as my Netflix account can attest to "Movies Featuring a Strong Female Lead," anything LGBTQ+ and anything with Riley Keough in it. I don't do quests, wizards or wars (on earth or in the stars).

So, I've reviewed over fifty movies already this year thanks to Letterboxd. I don't consider myself a great critic, but I know what I like. Sometimes the review is just a three-word quip, sometimes a quick couple of paragraphs, but either way, I've written something! It's so low-pressure that I didn't even realize that this counted as writing!

Anyway, feel free to follow me on Letterboxd if you like!