Rewriting and Revisiting: The Old Becomes New Again

I wrote a story back in my third go-round of college that I was incredibly proud of and I knew had potential. I would re-read it every now and then, but I eventually forgot about it. Recently, I went through my old containers of things I wrote and couldn't find this particular story anywhere. It was so many computers so many years ago that there's absolutely no soft copy anywhere! Maybe I threw out my only hard copy in a drunken stupor or a depressive episode years back? I wouldn't put it past me back in those days.

The story has stuck with me through the years. I remembered a few key phrases and moments that I loved. I opened a new Word document and jotted the phrases and moments down. Maybe I could make it work again.

On Tuesday, I started my Short Story I class at George Brown with Richard Scarsbrook. We did some writing exercises and one of my classmates asked if we were going to read them out loud. He said no, as first drafts aren't usually that great. That made me think - this first draft from 2004 may be lost, but I'm still very in tune with its essence and what I wanted to accomplish with it. But 13 years later, there's so much room for modernization that I'd love to explore. I'm happy to say that I've begun rewriting it today and I think this new version will be even better!