Laughter is the Best Medicine?

My husband and I have gone to JFL42, the Toronto offshoot of Montreal's Just for Laughs festival for three out of its past four years. It falls around the same time as my husband's birthday, so there's often a headliner he'd like to get tickets for and this year's was Tim and Eric. I take care of buying the passes, and buy the Headliner + two credits option. The credits are good to use at any of the non-headliner shows which happen at smaller venues like Queen Elizabeth Theatre (ugh), The Royal Theatre and The Garrison, with slightly-smaller or used-to-be-bigger names. The excellent thing about the credits is that once you check into the show electronically, you can re-use them as many times as you like. So, after all was said and done, I got to see 14 different shows with 20+ comedians in the span of 10 days. I went to a lot of these shows alone, actually. I've always been the kind of person whose attitude was "I'd rather go alone than not go at all." I don't need someone I know to laugh beside me when a whole crowd is laughing along.

I was on a bit of a high last week, laughing pretty much every night, trying out comedians I hadn't heard of and busting a gut from new sets from reliable ones, too. My two favorites of the week, Michelle Wolf and Sasheer Zamata, even <3'd my tweets about them! JFL42 was done on Sunday, but I had one more comedy show to go to - and my friend, Jennie Steer-Welbourn, won second place at the Underground Comedy & Social Club amateur comedy competition!

Some of these comedy shows, unfortunately, led to late nights, which are not conducive with my mental illness. So what happened yesterday? Why, a depression crash, of course! Vegas and Tom Petty only compounded things. How did I deal with it? By cutting myself some slack. I bought some mini cherry cheesecakes and got Caribbean takeout and watched some music documentaries on Netflix. Practicing self-care (I know, I know!) didn't cure my depression, but I've managed to force myself out of the house today and to write a bit. It's a victory.

So, even though laughter was great for me last week, I have to remember to not push myself. Remind me, no midnight shows next year!