“The Fallen Small Town Football God” (The Ballad of Jason Street)

In this small town, I'm pretty much a god

All it takes is throwing this football

Training, two-a-days, progressing to great from good

An instant father in coach, a team full of instant friends

That's the way it is in Texas

College, NFL, marry my cheerleader, live forever


Me and my cheerleader together forever

That's the way it's gonna be, so help me God

The quarterback and the cheerleader - how cliche, how Texas

My entire life is football

My hobby, my passion, my circle of friends

I've got the grades for a scholarship, my life is good


My cheerleader loves Jesus and America, the girl she's good

A promise on a 16-year-old ring finger means forever

High school teammates will be lifetime friends

Every day we thank God

As we jersey up to play football

This is what it means to live large in Texas


It was like the entire state of Texas

Knew the hit I took was beyond no good

I never thought I'd be betrayed by football

Does a spinal cord injury mean a wheelchair forever?

Why is this happening, God?

I thought we were friends


So that’s the story, my friends

Of how I became the crippled quarterback of Texas

How I lost faith in God

And in anything good

Stuck in this wheelchair forever

And no more football


But forget about football

Did you hear about my so-called best friend

And the cheerleader who promised me forever?

They’ve been playing me a fool all over Texas

And this cripple socked him one good

At least my arms can still function, huh God?


One day I’ll move on from football, maybe move out of Texas

We will all be friends again, life will still be good

My forever now unclear, such is life for any fallen small town God