A Love Song for Demetria Devonne

The skyscraper fell

Nearly gave us a heart attack

But give your heart a break, girl

We’ll help you get back


So, you’re back to your old ways

But you promised us no promises

You’re still our unbroken lionheart

Sober or otherwise


La La Land is rife with

Temptations, parties, being torn apart

And what’s cool for the summer

Won’t necessarily fix a heart


It’s tough to stay on the line

Even those made in the USA can break

It’s stone cold to shame her

She simply made a mistake


Daddy issues run deep

Don’t forget it’s hereditary

We’re hitchhikers on her journey

The neon lights can be scary


A nightingale who sings her truth

An advocate, a warrior, a survivor

Concentrate on your health and recovery

Our love is only forever


Skyscraper fallen,

Confident you’ll rebuild


A poem for Demi Lovato, using a song title in every line