On David Schwimmer as Robert Kardashian, Sr.

I think about this a lot

OJ Simpson’s trial started

A few months after

Friends premiered


Kim Kardashian is on that

Gen X/Gen Y cusp

She was the perfect age

When Friends was all the rage


So, while young Kimberly

Was dressing like Rachel Green

Her daddy, Robert Kardashian Sr.

Was defending OJ


David Schwimmer played

Robert Kardashian Sr. in

American Crime Story:

The People v. OJ Simpson


How weird was it

For Kim to know

That Ross Gellar

The thrice-divorced paleontologist

And nobody’s favorite Friend

Was playing her dad?


There was Ross Gellar

Begging Cuba Gooding Jr.-as-OJ

To not shoot himself

In a replica of Kim’s

Young teenage bedroom

JTT posters and all


There was a gorgeous young actress

Playing 14-year-old Kimberly

While Ross-as-Robert explained

That “Uncle Juice” was innocent

And warned his children

About the price of fame


Maybe Robert and Kris Kardashian

Were the original Ross and Rachel

But in reverse

I can just picture Kris insisting,

“We were on a break!”

When Khloe was born


I wonder if Kim and Kanye

Watched The People v. OJ?

I doubt it

But I bet they do watch

Friends reruns on Netflix

To relax sometimes


This loose poem is inspired by NY Mag's The Cut's feature, I Think About This A Lot